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Our signature line of  "Double Sided" inner spring mattresses feature high quality heat tempered inner springs, covered in layers of high density foam and natural latex.  We also feature imported Belgium and Italian fabrics on our quilted covers for all our models. We pride ourselves in providing only the finest quality mattresses at unbelievable prices.
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Our Natural Comfort line of latex matresses have many advantages over synthetic foam products. Latex foam offers natural alignment of the spine and supports the shoulders and hips without aggravating pressure points. Latex mattresses are are also mold and mildew resistant and provide an unfavorable environment for dustmites.
RV and Custom Mattresses
Why shouldn't you be just as comfortable in your RV, Camper or Boat as you would be sleeping in a fine hotel? With a custom mattress from Flexus, you can afford to be. We're experts at solving space problems in all sizes of vehicles.

You can get comfort while you make the most of your space. Flexus Comfort has extensive experience in fitting quality mattresses in travel trailers/campers/motor homes and boats And with prices often lower than name brands, why settle for something that doesn't fit perfectly or let you wake up feeling great?